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A KNVTS, Nautilus or SWZ Maritime subscription consists of:

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    Eleven times a year, the magazine brings its readers the latest developments and news from all areas of maritime industry. Five times a year, SWZ Maritime contains an extensive special.
  • Online Access to the Digital Version of the Latest SWZ Maritime Issues
    The magazine SWZ Maritime is also published online. This digital version of the print edition is available to subscribers only. The online versions are published a few days prior to the print issue.
  • Digital SWZ Archive
    The SWZ - Akerboom Archive contains all editions and articles of “SWZ Maritime”, ”Schip en Werf de Zee”, “Schip en Werf” and “Het Schip”published since 1919. With ship descriptions, technical developments and news, the archive spans nearly a century of maritime progression. The digital archive is easy to search. Go to the digital archive.
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There are three different subscriptions: a KNVTS membership, a Nautilus membership or an SWZ Maritime subscription.

KNVTS Membership

The Royal Netherlands Society of Marine Technologists (KNVTS) aims to stimulate the development of maritime engineering. Key goals are spreading knowledge, and stimulating innovation and education. KNVTS also tries to improve relations between engineers. Knowledge is spread through seminars, the magazine SWZ Maritime, trade fairs, excursions, and conferences and 8 annual lectures to be held at each of its 4 regional branches. In addition to seminars, innovation is stimulated by the KNVTS Ship of the Year award for the most innovative ship. Maritime education is stimulated through presentations at conferences, visitors’ days, and awards for students that graduate from maritime studies. For maritime engineers, the KNVTS is an important foundation for a steady network in maritime industry. As a member of the KNVTS, you will automatically receive SWZ Maritime, a free subscription to a digital newsletter twice a month and free access to the online editions.

You will also have free access to the digital “SWZ –Akerboom Archive” which contains all of the editions and articles of the magazines “SWZ Maritime”, “Schip en Werf de Zee”, “Schip en Werf” and “Het Schip” since 1919.

To subscribe or for more information about the KNVTS, please visit the KNVTS website.

Membership costs € 86.00 all-inclusive per year; students (digital magazine only) € 15.-


Nautilus Membership

Be smart and become a member of Nautilus International! Nautilus International is the voice of more than 23,000 maritime professionals working in all sectors of the shipping industry, at sea and ashore. As the largest and most influential international Union representing maritime professionals, we campaign intensely to promote your views. From now on, we can also defend your interests.

For instance, when negotiating a collective agreement, but also by engaging with the political leaders in The Hague when it comes to piracy or your retirement. And that's not all. Nautilus International can also give you personal advice, free legal assistance on work-related matters, and help in filling out your tax forms.

A portion of our membership fee may be tax deductible. Nautilus International has had this included in a large number of collective agreements.

Please visit the Nautilus website for more information.


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